About us

Our Mission

Evanston Express is Evanston’s Travel Softball Club for girls age 9 through 16. We are an EBSA (Evanston Baseball Softball Association) organization dedicated to promoting the sport of fast pitch softball and providing opportunities for motivated players to build on the skills they have attained in house league.

Travel softball provides girls who love the sport the chance to represent their home town while competing against similarly skilled players in surrounding communities during the late spring and summer months at the conclusion of the EBSA house league season.

We want every girl in Evanston to be in on the action, learning the skills, values, and just plain fun of fastpitch softball.


Our Goals

To continuously improve as players and coaches and ensure the long-term success of the Express Program.

Our players are dedicated to improving their softball skills. With our coaches, they dedicate their practice time to perfecting the skills that result in competitive play by Express teams, and a winning attitude.

To improve as individuals and become better people from the experiences of being a member of the Express.

Our players, coaches, and parents know the value and importance of pride, sportsmanship, and positive attitude. Our program allows each player to gain self-confidence and a better understanding of her personal goals and values. Each player also learns lessons from the Express that help her be a better teammate, friend, and leader throughout her life.

To foster a love for the game by Express coaches, players, and their parents.

Our coaches and parents appreciate the game of softball and its excitement, life lessons, hard work, and camaraderie. Our players are truly excited and enthusiastic about the time they spend at practice and games playing softball.

To focus on the current Express player and the potential Express player.

We realize that current skills and abilities are important, but we also focus on the potential of players. Where a player is "now" pales in comparison to where they can "go" in the future. As a feeder program for ETHS, we strive to prepare our players for play at the high school level with skills, teamwork, and confidence that will make them successful there.